Tired of searching in the backend?

Sometimes, when you search for a special post or page in the backend of WordPress, you search, and search, and search… Annoying… Just tap two times [G] (GG Search, what else?) and type in what you are searching for. You get a selection of entries immediately (without page reload), now just Enter and edit the post. But it does not only support posts and pages:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Posts and Pages by existing category or tag
  • Users
  • Comments (with free Extension)
  • All Custom Post Types like Contact Forms, Portfolios, …
  • The left admin menu


  • [G] + [G] opens the search
  • Supported in Frontend, too!
  • Flexible and fast processing of your site guaranteed
  • Support of Custom Post Types
  • Through extra link entries, posts and pages can be created easily and quickly from the search term
  • Permissions are respected
  • Fully expandable and customizable
  • Your Clients will love you!


The plugin is easy to use and safes a lot of time!

You will get the powerful plugin for only 18 $ in the envato market. Buy it!


  1. Buy and load the plugin from the envato market here.
  2. Log in in your wordpress site
  3. Goto Plugins > Install > Upload Plugin
  4. Upload and activate the plugin
  5. Finish!

You are a developer?

Check the API and learn how to add your own search groups and extra links.